High Hamstring Tendonitis Exercise Guidebook

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Hello my friend,

Chances are if you’ve found this High Hamstring Tendonitis Injury Recovery Guidebook, you are dealing with High Hamstring Tendonitis and looking to feel better. My name is Caroline Jordan, and I want to help you. High Hamstring Tendonitis is a brutal injury that affects everything you do. You feel it when you walk, take the stairs, or even sit for hours. The dull ache can grow unbearable and slows you down in everything. You’ve tried resting, stretching, and taking it easy, but nothing seems to help change the pain.

The unfortunate thing is many doctors and physical therapists dont know how to properly advise their patients on High Hamstring Tendonitis. They don’t have the experience to treat this issue properly and it becomes a longer, more frustrating, process than it needs to be. I’ve had clients who’ve struggled with pain for over 7 before finding my recovery programs and coaching. It’s life changing when they finally find something that works, they are always shocked because what we do together is different than the doctor prescribed ibuprofen and rest. Maybe that’s why you are here and you found me, what you’ve tried hasn’t helped and now you are desperate for relief. Movement can be medicine with the right prescription, I am here to offer you a guidebook that can be the solution to your pain.

Who am I and what do I do? I am health and fitness coach who specializes in using movement as medicine. I work with clients all over the world to help them train out of pain and back into active living. I have studied with some of the best physical therapists and movement coaches in the world. I have also successfully healed from High Hamstring Tendonitis in my own body and have been able to return to running, biking, hiking, and living pain free. I know intimately how frustrating this injury is and I am passionate about sharing my experience for healing success with others. I have helped thousands of clients get out of chronic High Hamstring Tendonitis pain. It’s my goal to help you reach yours. I am here to use my experience and vast fitness expertise to help you heal your pain.

This program is an advancement on my popular High Hamstring Tendonitis exercise video on Youtube. If you found that video helpful and healing, you will feel the same way about this High Hamstring Tendonitis Injury Recovery Guidebook. Here’s what you will get in this guidebook:

Lesson 1: Learn About Your Body

  • What does high hamstring tendonitis pain feel like?
  • Causes of high hamstring tendonitis pain
  • Overview : How to get rid of high hamstring tendonitis pain
  • Essential steps to heal high hamstring tendonitis pain
  • How to use the high hamstring tendonitis movement and exercise guidebook

Lesson 2: Retrain Your Body

  • Overview on how to retrain your body
  • Equipment needed for the exercise program
  • Daily pain journal
  • Daily exercises
  • Weekly workouts and exercises
  • Weeks 1-4
  • Weeks 4-8
  • Weeks 8-12
  • Weeks 12-16

Lesson 3: Move Out Of Pain and Maintain Active Living

  • Overview on how to move out of pain
  • Cardio Guidelines & how to do cardio while healing
  • Specific Action Steps For A Safe Return To Exercise and Lifestyle activities
  • What if you are still stuck?
  • Congratulations! Out of pain and back into life

If you’ve tried resting, stretching, hours of PT, dozens of doctors appointments, and nothing seems to help, the High Hamstring Tendonitis Injury Recovery Guidebook offers you something different. Everybody’s body and injury is different and there are no guarantees that I can fix your hamstrings, however this guidebook is worth trying and may offer a solution to your pain. The only way you will know if it will work for you is to give it a go. 

Are you willing to learn different tools, exercises, and information that can help you get OUT of the chronic high hamstring pain cycle? Are you ready to heal?? Are you tired of pain slowing you down? It’s time to move forward to repair, restore, and get back OUT there. This guidebook is for you. Let’s kick that pain in the butt out of your life and get your hamstrings back to a healthy place. 

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High Hamstring Tendonitis Exercise Guidebook

15 ratings
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